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Turbo-Charge Your Relationships

I wasn’t feeling good about myself – or my life at the moment. Work was taking up so much time – and I wasn’t allowing myself breaks to recharge. My relationships were far from thriving; I felt disconnected, out of sorts. My creativity wasn’t there; my energy was down.

What did I need to do to feel better, perform better?

I needed to connect with the people I most care about, my family and friends. They are my life.

Science tells us that relationships are up to 85% of our happiness. It is the quality of your relationships that determines the quality of your life. Happy relationships = happy life.

Think about it. Your life revolves around your family, friends and the people you know – at work and socially. When you are not feeling good, ask, “How connected I am to those I love, those I care about?”

Next: plan activities you can all look forward to; rituals that will keep you connected. Ideas include: walks, meals, board games, trips to special events and day trips. Happiness researchers tell us that just having something to look forward to makes us happier.

Then, work on your relationships with awareness and patience. – Apologize Keep the peace; forgive them and forgive yourself. Do the right thing for all. – Take a Break rather than overreact. Use PBS – Pause, Breathe and Smile when triggered, upset or angry. Keep calm. Pause – this gives you time to think; to choose a better response. Breathe – this will calm you on a cellular level; you’ll feel better, respond better. Smile – to ignite happy hormones – endorphins.  As you feel better your day improves. Praise them often – let them know you much you appreciate them, respective them and love them. Praise yourself (silently that is) for doing the right thing – for keeping peace, improving connections.

Try this today.

Apologize to one person and see how it improves your relationship. Use PBS – Pause, Breathe and Smile when triggered. This helps you feel better and respond positively. Praise everyone – we all love to be recognized. As they feel appreciated and happier, you will too.

Connect with those you care about. They are your life. Happy relationships = happy life.


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