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Your Peace and Power in 1 Minute

He was bugging me more than usual. With every word he said, I felt manipulated, out of control and angry. This was not going to be easy – or could it be?

How can you get past the mental struggle with the person who challenges you the most today?

You make a different choice.

When you choose to be miserable because of what another did or said, you give up your power. Your mind says, “How can I be happy when… he said this, that happened…?” That is an old, bad habit. It leaves you in spin, powerless.

Let’s get out of that negative loop – and into power and peace – in one-minute.

Use the “Triple A Formula” = AAA. Acceptance Accept the person and situation – just as it is – right now. When you fight reality, you lose. Every time. As Jack Welch said to his C-Suite at the start of every meeting, “What is the reality here?” Start there. The reality: “They said something. I chose to be upset by it.” Your power = “I can accept it, them.”

Attitude Have an Attitude that says, “I am in control. I choose to think a better thought. I choose peace. It’s okay.” You create peace or problems with your thinking. Your power = “I choose peace. It’s okay, I can handle it.”

Action Take Action on your #1 goal. Set a timer for 10-minutes and work on your #1 goal. Then re-set until finished. Science says working on tough challenges gets your brain into “flow.” Flow = calm, creative and productive. Getting it done = peace, achievement, success and self-esteem. Your power = That person who was a “problem” led you to peace, freedom and success. Not bad.

Still in spin? Don’t want to let it go? That’s okay; that’s just your ego. It thinks negativity will keep it in charge. Not likely; you are giving away your peace. Never mind – science has your answer.

Accept that you cannot accept the person or situation. Accepting that you cannot accept leads you to peace. Try it.

Make a different choice today. Accept what is, with an attitude that says, “I can handle this,” and take action on your #1 goal.

This is your peace and power in one-minute.


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