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Shift from Stressed to Calm Success – Be Here Now

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Yes, the world has changed forever. It seems one challenge leads to the next. Yet you can live differently, peacefully.

How do you move from stressed to calm success?

You live in the moment. You live in the now.

When you live in the moment, not caught up in your thinking, you are okay. You are totally present – listening to a friend, paying attention to your work; calm.

Being in the moment means you accept what is in front of you.

All your stress comes from living in the negative past, or imagining a difficult future. Stress is resisting what is, wanting life to be different. It is a constant battle.

When you learn to stop pushing against what is, you can be peaceful. You have accepted life. You have shifted your thinking to, “I accept this and do what I can,” and “I am okay.”

When you resist reality, your habitual thinking causes stress, “I am not okay; this doesn’t work.”

Today, notice when you are stressed and take a deep breath – or three. Then say, “I can accept this moment; I choose to be here and not create problems in my mind.”

Then, shift – to feeling calm by thinking and saying calm, peaceful thoughts: I am calm        I can handle this          I drop that thought and accept peace            I can do this All is well         I am okay today           This is all working        I am powerful              I accept happy

Notice the people who are calm. They speak positively, stay away from bad news and smile. They are planning their work, doing their work well and encouraging and supporting others.

Stop pushing, listening to things that make you nervous. This creates problems that don’t exist. Decide to accept this moment – right now – and do all you can do in this moment; do your work.  

Stay present and accept what is, knowing acceptance of what is = peace. Shift from stress to calm success. Be here now.


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