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1 Minute to Control

My client was triggered the other day. Have you ever been triggered? A negative trigger is something that causes you to feel badly. It creates an upset; it makes you feel angry, frustrated, out of control. In his case, he said he wanted to strangle the person. Fortunately, he did not.

The person who “triggered” you didn’t create the trigger; they just activated it. The trigger was created in the past. Your response is conditioned, automatic, a habit.

Remember Pavlov’s dogs? Now you are the dog. Unless you decide to change. You can break the conditioned response by deciding you will respond differently next time.

Decide to free yourself from negative triggers. To do so, you must be conscious, aware.

  1. To react (negative) – is a HABIT – it is usually unconscious; automatic.

  2. To respond (positive) – is EMPOWERING – it is learned, a discipline you create.

Use PBSPause, Breathe and Smile when triggered – to be in control.

  1. Pausing – gives you time to respond rather than react to the trigger

  2. Breathing – calms your circulatory system – and you – so you can think clearly

  3. Smiling – is an instant mood lifter. It ignites positive energy in your brain


  1. The more you interrupt the trigger – the more you break the pattern.

  2. When you break the pattern you are free, peaceful and happy.

Imagine being free, peaceful happy instead of upset. This can make your whole day.

Use PBS – Pause, Breathe and Smile and get back in control.


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