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Feel Good Today

Ready to feel good to have a better life? To improve your life, learn to feel good no matter what, by controlling your thoughts and feelings. It is your thoughts and feelings, not your situation, that determines “happy.” You know this.

Happiness starts on the inside.

When was the last time you said, “I’ll be happy when…” and got “it” and weren’t happy? It happens all the time. You buy the car, get the job, your kid gets better grades…whatever. And you still aren’t happy.

Take control of your mind and feelings, to take control of your actions and life. Notice when you don’t feel good (emotionally). Not feeling good is due to negative thoughts.

Your thoughts… Create your feelings…Create your actions…Create your results. All successful people – from athletes to CEO’s – know that when their feelings are “up” they perform better.

To change your life, change your thoughts and feelings, which will change your actions. Very simple. Not always easy because you have “said” the same thing to yourself for years. Your thinking has literally created what you have in your life. You thought it was possible – or not.

To change your thinking, feelings, action and life, start by creating an affirmation. An affirmation is a positive, personal, present-tense statement about what you want in your life. Start the affirmation with “I have” or “I am.” This tells your brain (subconscious) you have it already. Saying “I want” or “I will” puts the goal in the future. Your brain can only work in the now. I am happy……………I am powerful……I am compassionate…….I am kind……….I am creative. I am successful……I am strong………..I am productive……………I am a leader…I am filled with JOY.

Repeat these statements – or create an affirmation that works for you. Make sure it makes you feel good. Affirmations literally create new neural pathways in the brain. Positive pathways = successful life. It is new software for your brain. These positive thoughts make you feel good and perform better.

New, better thoughts…Create new, better feelings… Create new, better actions…Create new, better results. Your life improves.

Try it now. Start with, “I am happy. Today is a great day and no matter what, I choose to be happy.” You are in control. Think a better thought, feel a better feeling, create a better action. Focus on feeling good today – no matter what.


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