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Get Back to Happy

This is such a challenging time right now. My brain tends to wander, focusing on the negatives. To keep it off negative, I have to re-program it for power, peace and – dare I say – happy.

How do you get back to feeling you have power over your life? How do you get back to power, peace and – happy?

To get back to feeling better you have to change your thinking. Whatever you are struggling with is in your thinking.

Your habitual negative thoughts are up to no good – driving you crazy. Your crazy brain – and it is crazy – tells you what isn’t working, might happen – all gloom and doom.

So, what do you do? You use PBS – “Pause, Breathe, and Smile” – to feel better.

Just stop (Pause), take a deep breath (Breathe) and SMILE. Then hold that smile for as long as possible. PBS re-programs your brain to positive, so you immediately think better and feel better.

From that “feel better” place ask yourself, “What is my goal? What do I want?” Write down your #1 goal.

Next, see the end result – your goal achieved. Close your eyes and imagine you have it now – just imagine the end result.

By seeing it – imagining it done – you have programmed your brain for success. How does that feel? Great right?

With that feel-good feeling, think of one step you can take to move towards your goal. Now take that one small step.

Feel better? Wonderful. You feel better because you “saw” you goal achieved and took action towards that goal.

PBSPause, Breathe and Smile. Keep smiling, feeling better, taking better actions.

Use PBS – and get back to power and peace. Get back to happy.


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