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This is Really Simple – and it Transformed My Life

Years ago, I was depressed. Really. My life wasn’t working in many ways. And, I couldn’t seem to find a way out. My marriage was challenging, I was having trouble being a good Mom. Work wasn’t working.

Here’s the good news. I made a choice. I took 100% responsibility – choosing to learn how to move past tough life to transformed life. No, I am not perfect, and I am not done. As long as I live, I will be working on my mindset.

Here’s one of the most important actions I took – and still take daily – I change my thinking.

We think 60,000 thoughts a day – about 95% of them are the same thoughts from yesterday. That can keep you stuck, especially if those thoughts are negative “victim” thinking. Think negative thoughts, “I can’t do that, this isn’t working…” and those beliefs limit your life.

Whatever you repeatedly think with feeling over and over your subconscious takes as fact. This includes truth or lies. What you think and speak with emotion, your subconscious creates. Your subconscious finds ways to make your “new truth” fact. It guides you with intuition.

Here’s how you start to transform. Commit to thinking and speaking about what you want. “Today I choose to be happy. I realize that my thoughts create my life. I will notice when I am not feeling good and substitute a better thought. I will keep repeating these positive thoughts as often as I can – in my mind and out loud.”

Some new positive thoughts: (choose one/day; say/think it over and over – with energy): I am happy.             I am loving.          I am kind.                My life is working perfectly. I am peaceful.        I am powerful.     I am disciplined.     I am compassionate. I am successful.     I am creative.       I am confident.      I am abundant.

Notice that the new thoughts may be challenging to repeat; your brain may push back. The first few times (or few hundred times; yes, this takes repetition) you may hear, “seriously?” Keep going – encourage yourself – even though it may feel weird, silly, uncomfortable. It’s said, “Would you rather feel uncomfortable and happy or comfortable and unhappy?”

Affirmations (positive, present tense, personal statements) work. I practice them every day. It isn’t always easy, but it is SO worth it. You will notice your life changing as you do this daily. Keep focused on thinking about, talking about who you want to be, what you want in your life.

Change your thinking, change your self-talk, transform your life – every day. Speak affirmations.


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