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Transform Your Relationships

Science tells us that relationships are up to 85% of our happiness. If you want to be happy and successful, pay attention to your relationships. Pay attention to how connected you are with the people you work with, live with and love.

To improve relationships, practice compassion. Compassion is the subject of “The Book of Joy” by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. Compassion – for yourself and others – leads to joy.

So, whoever is bugging you has something within them that reminds you of yourself. They have challenges, needs, wants that are also present in you. You are more alike than different.

When you see that, “Just like me, they can be impatient,” your insight allows you to relax. Or, “Oh, they are frustrated by their heavy workload as well,” helps you be more accepting.

Practicing compassion creates calm, connection and peace. By changing the voice in your head, to “they, just like me, want to be happy,” you feel better. To recognizing that they are challenged too, you can be peaceful.

We all want the same things – peace, health, happiness, great relationships, success… And with compassion for each other – knowing we are all in this together – we can be happier.

So, how do you practice compassion? Start by speaking differently: “I see you are frustrated with…” then listen or offer to help. Or just change your energy. Pause, breathe and smile and think, “I choose peace, I will be OK.”

Stop pushing against what is happening and accept (with compassion) that you are challenged. And, accept that they are challenged. If you still can’t accept their behavior or the situation, accept that you can’t accept it This will bring you peace.

Remember, you are in this together. Practice compassion.


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